How To Write A Business Plan

How To Write A Business Plan

Learning how to write a business plan is a vital and necessary step when starting a new business or new venture. A business plan can be described as a summary of the entire business that the entrepreneur plans to start. It is prepared to not only assist the entrepreneur in his efforts of starting a business, but also to present or market to any interested stakeholders.

Writing a Business Plan How to Write a Business Plan Business Plan Template

The first question that comes to mind in writing the business plan is "Who should write the plan?" Many small business managers employ the professional assistance of accountants, attorneys and marketing consultants to write their business plans.

However, experts agree that the entrepreneur may consult professionals, but should in the end write the plan him or herself. After all the objective of the business plan is for it be a full pledge “blue print” of the entrepreneurs business idea.

It is the entrepreneur that comes up with the idea so it is obviously that he or she should be the ones researching, explaining and planning the venture on paper with the use of the business plan.

Writing a business plan does not need to be a mission, and with the help of a business plan template and with a detailed and well explained business plan format you should easily be able to put a professional and detailed business plan together in no time.

Through such an assessment such as the SWOT Analysis the entrepreneur can identify what skills are needed and who should be consulted to help prepare the business plan.

The business plan should be concise and to the point as to show the complete concept of starting a business easily and concisely. The business plan needs to be as accurate as possible. The use of diagrams such as pie charts and graphs can also be used to make it easier to understand and easier to read.

Business plans consist of two main sections namely:
•    Marketing Plan
•    Financial Plan

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